Our Trip to New Orleans, Part 2

Okay,  I did promise a follow-up to our trip to New Orleans, so here goes.  

We decided to go to Collette’s, a swingers club in New Orleans.  Not that we’re swingers – well, we don’t think we are, who knows?  We’ve already discovered several things about ourselves that were hidden, so maybe we are. But at this point in time, we’re not.  We went to Collette’s for a couple of reasons.  

1 – We wanted to keep exploring alternative life styles.  This seemed like a good way to see other people being sexually aware without being too risky, and would give us a chance to see how we both reacted to sexually aware people in a public place.

2 – I have a definite exhibitionist streak, and wanted to see if I was daring enough to “show my goods,” as it were.  

So, this nightclub experience was to be the culmination of our trip to New Orleans.  I went shopping before we left for New Orleans to find the perfect outfit.  The club was advertising $20 off if ladies went without panties – and you had to prove it, of course.  So I needed a dress that I could reveal myself in easily, yet still be able to walk to the club down the streets of New Orleans without getting in trouble. 

Have I mentioned that I have self-image/body issues?  I guess all women (and probably a lot of men) do.  I have never considered myself to be sexy or even attractive. Even now that I’ve lost a lot of weight and think my body looks pretty good, I still don’t like my face.  So this was going to be a tough assignment for me.  I had to feel sexy and look sexy too. 

I found some amazing high heels – I had to hold on to K to walk in them on the streets, but I loved the way they made my legs and ass look.  I wore a garter belt with black lace stockings, a sexy push-up bra, a demure dress that was silky/satiny with a low-cut neckline that was easily opened and a skirt that could easily be pushed up.  I did my make-up and I did feel sexy.  I was proud of myself.

When the time came to go to the club, I got really nervous.  Like, really nervous. I tend to chatter to K when I’m nervous, so I kept up a running commentary on every possible topic on our short 3-block walk to the club.  I decided on the way that I was just not brave enough to flash my crotch, so we’d just have to pay the extra $20.  

When we got there, we were ushered into a foyer where we had to pay our entrance fee.  I shocked myself when the lady asked me if I was wearing panties – I said no and pulled up my skirt, as if I was always this brazen.  I still smile when I remember doing that – I can be brave!

Both K and I are introverts. We are shy. We do not go out to socialize with strangers.  This makes our venture to this particular club a bit odd, I guess, but we really wanted to see just who comes to clubs like this. Is it all just skeezy guys looking to score, or are there couples we’d find interesting and attractive?  The answer is YES – to both questions. 

We spent the first 30 minutes or so downstairs next to the bar area/dance floor.This place is a BYOB, but both K and I had opted to not bring in any alcohol.  Me, because one drink sends me to sleep, and K, because he’s not a big drinker and had already had a couple of beers with dinner.  We couldn’t bring ourselves to go up to anyone and talk, so we just necked and relaxed a bit on one of the couches. We had been given a tour by this bubbly funny lady, so we knew that upstairs was where most of the “action” would take place.  I people watched, and was nervous when I caught some couples watching back.  Was I up to this?

We eventually got up the courage to head upstairs.  I wanted to go into the “library,” a room with several couches close together for couples to watch each other, but lost my courage.  We ended up on an empty couch that was in the main hallway area, where people would pass by us when they came up the stairs.  Honestly, I picked that couch because I just couldn’t bring myself to go further – if we had gone down the hallway a bit more, we would have come to the bedrooms and I just couldn’t. Not on this first visit.  We could see into the library from where we were, but we were removed from it. 

We necked quite a lot, whispered to each other and giggled, and I did pull open my top to let K nuzzle and lick my nipples.  I also parted my legs and let K’s hand travel up to my slit and stroke me there.  It felt quite brazen, but I think in retrospect it was probably pretty tame. But for me, it was quite thrilling.  We did have several people walk by, and some  stopped and watched.  I kept my face hidden but loved the idea that my pussy was exposed for others to see. 

We didn’t stay for too long, and our adventures were tame, I suppose, compared to others, but for our first foray into the world of adventurous sex, we did okay. We made our way back to the hotel, had amazing sex, and then snuggled.  I counted the evening a success, although I admit to feelings of guilt and shame later – I have guilt/shame issues, but what person doesn’t?  Still, I loved it – though I’m not sure if I liked the club per se, or just the feeling of being on display.  

Our adventures are ever-changing.  We plan to attend a munch soon for a local BDSM group and get to know the members and see if we fit. I am going to get some nekkid boudoir photos done before the end of summer – that will be a challenge, but I am hyped. And……we’ll see. Who knows what comes next?

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