Life is amazing….the possibilities are endless!

My husband and I are both in our early forties. We’ve been married for sixteen years, and are completely in love with each other.  We have two half-grown children, and have respectable careers.  And we’ve both been drifting, not really happy or content.   My husband has always had an amazing  sex drive. Me? Not so much.  And then, through chance, fate, or some strange karmic intervention, we discovered how to spice up our sex life. And my god, the change in me!  I crave sex now.  I love to be tied up. I absolutely love to be spanked. I love to be blindfolded and give up all control.  And apparently, as I recently discovered, I have a strong exhibitionist streak in me!  

My husband, K, is amazing.  He has been the leader in our new exploration, yet is willing to try things that I crave that may not hold the same interest for him.  He’s exploring his dominant side, and I’m learning about this submissive streak I have.  He’s been my foundation through all the new changes. 

We’re not totally convinced that we fit into the BDSM community, but are VERY interested and excited about our new journey together. We want to explore more about BDSM and find communities, both online and nearby, to interact with.  We are very non-judgmental about alternative lifestyles, and think we “fit” here more than other communities we’ve tried.