A Short Story: “Mail Delivery at the Office”

I sit at my desk, bored beyond belief as I type in numbers into the computer.  It’s been 3 long hours since lunch, the end of the day looks likes it will never get here, and all I can think of is, “there’s got to be more to life than this.”  I look up when someone clears his throat and see the mail delivery guy holding out my mail.  He’s hot -tall;  dark-complected;   wavy,curly short hair that I long to run my fingers through;  a wide set of shoulders that show off his tight abs and narrow waist;  and thighs that I’d love to feel grip me.  He winks at me and saunters off, and I feel my cheeks redden, knowing he’s caught me checking him out.

I turn in my cubicle to watch him walk away, and admire his tight ass cheeks through his khakis.  Now, why couldn’t I have one of those to relieve this afternoon boredom?  Hmmmm…….who says I can’t?

I get up and walk casually in the same direction. I wore a pencil skirt to work today, with garter belt and black stockings, and a skimpy lace thong.  I also wore my high heels – they just make my legs look so good I couldn’t resist, even though they kill my feet.  I stop in the bathroom to freshen my make-up and slip off my panties, which I put into my purse, then saunter back out, searching for the guy who’s going to make my boredom go away.

I find him at the end of his delivery run, chatting with someone at the elevator.  He turns around when I approach, and I see the flare in his eyes when he looks at my legs.  The elevator door opens and the two guys get on. So do I.  I smile demurely at them and then study the doors, hoping that the other man will get off soon, so that I can get off, too!  My luck holds – the extra guy leaves at the next stop, and all that’s left is gorgeous man and little ole me.

When the doors close, I turn to him and smile coyly, then run my hands down my blouse, cupping one of my boobs while staring into his eyes. I feel a frisson of heat run down to my clit when he reaches out and pushes the “stop” button on the elevator, then moves towards me and cups my other breast in his hand, his eyes never leaving mine.  I guess he read the permission in my eyes, because he suddenly spins me around, grabs my shoulder-length hair in a tight grip, and bends me over at the waist.  I gasp, desire sending a trickle down my thighs, and reach out to grab the bar that runs around the elevator, holding myself steady.

He doesn’t say a word, just pushes my skirt up past my ass, a growl of approval coming from his throat when he sees that I’ve removed all barriers for him. He releases his cock from his pants and runs his hands all over my ass and into my slit, feeling my wetness.  He sucks one finger, and I nearly cum from watching him in the mirrored wall.

He doesn’t rush, but doesn’t waste any time, either.  He starts spanking my ass cheeks, first one then the other, until I know they are bright pink. I sigh and moan, loving the erotic feeling of pain mixed with pleasure.  He reaches around, pinches my clit, and pushes his cock into me at the same time.  I almost cum right away, but he releases my clit to grab onto my hips, moving in a slow, sensuous rhythm.  As he starts to speed up, he inserts one finger slowly into my ass, and the sensation of being double-penetrated makes me wild.  I am moaning loudly, pushing back against his cock, and I can feel him hardening further, getting ready to cum.  Right before he cums, he reaches around and pinches my clit again, and I cum, bucking wildly, and feel him cum too.  It lasts forever and a moment, and then we’re both braced against the wall, breathing heavily.

He steps back and pulls my skirt back down, then helps finger-comb my hair into submission.  I pull a tissue from my purse and use it to wipe my pussy, then take my panties out and slip them back on.  He holds my arm gently to steady me as I maneuver the lacy thong on, then finishes putting himself back together. We study each other in the mirrored wall, smiling, then he reaches out and starts the elevator again.

He gets off at his floor, and I push the button for my own floor, ready to return to work.  I think this job just got a lot more interesting.  I can’t wait for the next mail delivery.