A Trip to New Orleans, Part 1

K and I decided to take a trip to New Orleans for our anniversary.  We’re still exploring each other’s fantasies and desires, trying to determine just how far to take them.  So far, all of our exploration has been in our own home, in our own bedroom.  Now……we decided the focus of this trip would be sex and exploration.

We are both rather shy people in public, quiet types who love to talk to interesting people but have NO idea how to go about finding and meeting those people!  The idea of going into bars and meeting others is scary. I, in particular, have social anxiety in a bad way. Mine manifests itself in swallowing difficulties – I get tense in social situations and can’t swallow food or drink, fearing that I’ll choke in public.  This is something that I want to fix, obviously, but it’s been in my life for a long while and I know it’ll take a while to make it go away.

We both had a mini bucket list of things we wanted to do on this trip.  We wanted to visit some adult toy stores and buy some new toys. We wanted to tease each other in public. And we wanted to visit a club that would let us indulge in my exhibitionist fantasies.

We did visit several toy stores, although they didn’t have a lot of the toys that we were looking for. We want to get more bondage equipment. I was looking for a blindfold that would completely block out the light, and those are hard to find.  K wanted a spreader bar and wanted to see the different types of sex swings there were and how hard they were to install.

I got a new butt plug!  This was kind of amazing for me – six months ago, we started experimenting with anal play, and I was very reluctant at first, but now I absolutely love it.  I haven’t built up to wearing it around in public yet, but the thought makes me wet. 🙂

I also got my first collar.  We’re not sure how much we’ll get into the D/s lifestyle, but K wanted me to get a collar, and we picked out one together.  I felt so loved when he told me he wanted to collar me.  I felt claimed.  The collar we did pick out and try is too wide, unfortunately – brings up my choking fears – but I’m going to find one that I can wear that doesn’t press on my throat too much.

And I walked around the French Quarter with K, all around, wearing short skirts, heels, and no panties.  The feeling of my pussy lips sliding around was erotic and maddening. We walked for hours, and the whole time I kept imagining K stopping me and feeling me up, right there on Bourbon Street.  I got so hot!

We did go to a club, and I did show off my pussy lips a bit….and I did get felt up by K in that club…but that will be in a later post. Smile.