Game Over – A Lazy Sunday Afternoon

So I was sitting in my computer chair on Sunday, bored beyond belief.  My kids were off at friends’ houses, K was playing computer games, and even my dog and cat were busy catching zzzz’s.  And me?  I was bored.  Nothing to do.  I just kept staring at my computer, surfing the web, hoping to find something to occupy my attention.

I looked up, brooding on life’s unfairness, and watched K play his video game in the next room.  He gets so involved in his game, the house could collapse around him and he’d never notice.  Didn’t he love me anymore? Didn’t he realize that we were ALONE in the house?  Hmmmmmm…. I started to wonder just what it would take to get his attention.

I made up some game rules in my head.  No noises. No large movements. No obvious calls or signals.  Let’s see how attuned he really was.  I got up and went to the bedroom and brought back a few items to use in this game.  Let the fun begin.

I sat back in my computer chair, and let my hand wander inside my yoga pants.  My freshly shaved pussy felt soft and I stroked the outside of my lips for a while, feeling them respond and start to swell.  I dribbled some baby oil on my fingers and spread it around.  Mmmmmmmm…..that felt so good, I kept going, until I could feel my thighs start to tingle.  I scooted down in my chair a bit more and pulled my yoga pants down until they were around my thighs, still facing my computer, but angled so if K looked up he could see me.  I let my hand keep stroking my clip and lips, and they were getting so swollen.  Not all the slickness I felt was from the baby oil now.  I pushed my index finger up inside me and bit back a moan as my pleasure increased.

I next took out my favorite new toy, my small butt plug that we bought a couple of months ago.  After applying lube, I bent over and inserted it, then sat up and continued stroking my lips.  Oh my. The added fullness just made me hornier.  I was definitely getting heated up, watching K keep pressing buttons on his game.  I wanted to press his buttons.

I grabbed my vibrating dildo and slid it inside me, turned it on, and continued slowly stroking my clip and lips. The fullness of both the dildo and butt plug made my whole pelvis clench and throb, and it was all I could do to stay at a slow stroke and not lose my head completely.  It felt so good, I wasn’t sure how much longer I could continue to stay quiet.  I pulled my shirt up and started pinching my nipples, one then the other.  I loved it when the small pain mingled with the pleasure I felt.

I lost my focus sometime around then, forgetting all about my initial game plan of distracting my man, concentrating instead on the rising tide of orgasm that was swelling inside me.  I kept stroking slowly, knowing that any increase would send me over the edge instantly, wanting to prolong the sensation. I got lost in my pleasure and started moaning softly, panting as my pussy walls started to clench around the rubber cock in me and my clit poked up. Finally I couldn’t help it any more and stroked fast, fast, and all at once my orgasm crested, sending waves after wave of intense pleasure through me. I cried out, riding the wave, and felt my nipples harden, my ass clench, and my walls convulse.

I slowly came down from the high of my orgasm to see my husband sitting in his computer chair right next to me, grinning and stroking his huge hard cock.  I hadn’t even seen him stop his game and come over, I had been so lost in my own pleasure.  I grinned back at him and told him about my plan to distract him from his video game.  I said that I had won, and he only smiled as he stroked his cock.  “We’ll see about that,” he said, opening his legs and gesturing to me to kneel before him.  Game on!

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